I was born and raised in Hessen, Germany. Ever since I can remember, my parents encouraged me to follow my preferences and it was soon obvious that drawing and painting had become my lifelong passion.

Due to my mother’s great interest into art I early on became spellbound by the possibilities that drawing and painting provided.
Topics like J.R.R. Tolkien / Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Star Wars were all-around in our house and I quickly immersed into the world of medieval times, fantasy and science fiction, turning them to be the main topics of my paintings.

Finishing secondary school I was facing a difficult choice on what to focus in my studies, living or passion, medicine or painting. The decision fell in favour of studying medicine. Besides living, medicine combines science and the art of human being itself, which had always been egging at my curiosity.

In 2017 I decided to invest the necessary amount of time into my art education and took two years off of my doctors job to get a foot in the door of the games- and book-industry.



  • White Wizard Games
  • Ulisses-Spiele
  • Aborea
  • Tamschick Media + SPACE
  • Playtra Games
  • Muffin Games