‘Queen Brunhilde of the great great Kingdom, far far away’ has never been like the others. Even as a little child, she preferred to romp around with the boys, to play with wooden swords or to imitate the soldiers movements as they trained in the courtyard. She never wanted to play with dolls, to sew dresses or learn how to dance. The other noble girls laughed at her, for her not so beautiful face, and her weird behaviour.

But the real trouble began, when Brunhilde saw a Dragonrider for the first time. She was intrigued by the pure aura of power that he radiated and the fear and respect in the eyes of the plebs and the nobles alike.
When she told her father, the great great King, about her deepest wish, to become a Dragonrider herself, he broke out in laughter, as did the guards standing around. Nobody believed she could make it, concerning her corpulent physique.
But Brunhilde didn’t give up. She practiced the art of war every single day, trained her weapons and studied the most difficult tactics and strategies to win every battle.

Today ‘Queen Brunhilde the Dragonrider of the great great Kingdom, far far away’ is known for her relentlessness, cold-bloodedness and ungraciousness. Even her poor dragons (that she is expending in vast amounts), have to suffer under her constant anger.

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