Playground time! 😉

Wandering Alchemist

New character piece.
Her behaviour be like:
“Heeere, take de potion! Its holy love and spirit of goodness will shield you from the lurking danger!”
“No, no really, no thank you…”
“DAMMIT! Take de potion!” (handing over the potion)
“That’ll be 15 copper!”
(freely based on a scene of Dracula – dead and loving it )


New character-art for my portfolio! 😉

Portrait study

Portrait study from imagination. No reference used to see what I learned. 😉

Portrait Practice

Studying portrait photos, trying to paint them down to improve my workflow (and obviously my portrait-skills :P)

Pen & Paper

This is my entry for the THU-Golden-Ticket-Challenge on artstation. Pen&Paper, dragons, wizards and knights. Whatelse can I ask for? 

Face your nightmares

Painted after I watched a kraken-documentary on TV…

Red Riding Hood (Revision)

Revision of the “red riding hood”-painting I did about a year ago.
Felt like it needed a better composition, more depht and more ambience

Hidden Treasure

New piece, tried to give it a feel of old masterpaintings!
So much fun to work out the idea!

Sweet Death

New personal piece/Illustration. A group of bandits robbing a traveler. 😉

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