Pen & Paper

This is my entry for the THU-Golden-Ticket-Challenge on artstation. Pen&Paper, dragons, wizards and knights. Whatelse can I ask for? 

Face your nightmares

Painted after I watched a kraken-documentary on TV…

Red Riding Hood (Revision)

Revision of the “red riding hood”-painting I did about a year ago.
Felt like it needed a better composition, more depht and more ambience

Hidden Treasure

New piece, tried to give it a feel of old masterpaintings!
So much fun to work out the idea!

Sweet Death

New personal piece/Illustration. A group of bandits robbing a traveler. 😉

Character illustration

Character illustration / commission:
Verian Savertin, a duelist in a german pen&paper-fantasy-game called “The Black Eye”.

Double Portrait

Client piece, a lot of fun to paint, with great models! 😉

Selfportrait No. 2


Woop woop! After all this portrait training, I had to check where I’m heading, so – mirror up, selfportrait on! 😀

Last selfportrait was made 12/2014
Selfportrait No.1

Cheers! 😉

Portraits, portraits, portraits!


More portrait practice, some from reference but most from imagination. So difficult to get the features down correctly! 🙁

Portrait studies


Photo studies…
Need… to… study…. moar! ;D