Newest personal piece! Sososo much fun! :D

Portrait Studies


Studies, studies, studies… 😉


Hi there, made a new painting about a little pickpocket-story that wandered through my mind for a while now. Tons of new stuff learned, but still so much to learn! 😉

Recorded the painting process and sped it up in a little video you can watch here:

Landscape Studies No. 1


Studying old masters as well as photographers and painters of today to get a better understanding of landscapes and to understand how they create those beautiful landscapes.


Welcome to my blog and gallery. Here you can find finished artwork, projects that I’m working on and things in general that I happen to experience.

Enjoy the stay.
Tobias Rhein

Nude study No. 1


Always trying to get better. Some faster studies of younger women. Still struggling with people standing close together.

Fighting the Dead

Heroic combat against a necromancer!

Winter’s Child

My winter version of “Red Riding Hood”… And a happy new year! ;)

Mad Alchemist

Had this thought in mind for a long time about an alchemist creating potions and poisons in a dark laboratory. Learned a whole set of new stuff, though the list of things I want to achieve grew even longer now – there is still so much to learn… :D
Happy chemistry lessons! ;-)

Youth Gone Wild

Finally a new Illustration!
It was a lot of fun and I learned mucho grande new stuff, but I’m happy that it’s finally over. Spend many many hours in it. ;)