The Red Cloth – Sway it like a boss!

Another Challenge with friends – nothing else to say, except that I dont want to be the one holding the cloth! 😀

Binding of the Devil (process)


Here are the steps of creation, enjoy the insight! 😉

Binding of the Devil

Starting as a little livestream-challenge, I soon became addicted of this woman being rooted by magical ranks (though she doesn’t look like she cares about it :D)

The original title of the challenge was “The Summoning” though I guess it doesn’t fit the painting that much anymore.

Jack Nicholson (study)


Originally this was supposed to be a  colored study, but I got depressed over my lack of color-skills, so I switched to b/w during the progress.

Selfportrait No. 1


From time to time I make a self-portrait to get a feeling of where I stand with my abilities. So this is me with my nerd-glasses! 😀

Living Statue (process)


Starting with a very sketchy idea, than putting in the correct perspective and starting to paint paint paint! 😉

Living Statue

Ancient evil mummy riding on a (not so evil looking) Sphinx-statue. 😉

Anatomy study


Hands are so difficult… need to study more!